USA based company that evaluates communications with AI to identify relevant language, assist users in real-time and proactively reduce risk.


USA based company that helps parents and caretakers find playgrounds, hikes/walking trails, stroller running routes, indoor activities, kid friendly eats and more - all using curated content provided by local parents and caretakers.


USA based company that provides a full range of services across a breadth of subject matter expertise, for diverse audiences such as adolescents, young adults, parents and caregivers, and adult. professionals.


USA based company that has lighting controls system, including a design with product placement.

London company with more than four years in the market, where we help to architect, built and then grow the development and design team up to 200%, recruiting, training and create a high-quality software assisting the construction in teams to have a better way to access, capture and communicate information.


USA/Colombia based company we created the internal web and mobile application to capture and analyze information to be scale. Suyo, using modern technology with our expert team of lawyers, architects, and other property professionals, Suyo can solve all of your property formalization needs in a simple process for approximately half the price of other providers


USA based company we create the mobile app using React Native. Lupa, is a language study system for improving your real-world listening skills. It is aimed at intermediate and advanced learners.


USA based product Build using Django, React, React Native and redux. Follow Lead, a Sales enablement software, is a multichannel communication platform to enable marketing and sales teams to send, receive and automate event-bases sequence of personalize messages using two way, multi-channel strategy: Email, SMS, Voicemail, Phone calls from the same app (web and mobile clients)

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