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Case Study: Litlingo

A platform that Evaluates real-time Communications with AI.

LitLingo and Melt Studio have worked together on multiple areas of the LitLingo platform from quick prototyping of new technologies to the timely and high-quality delivery of production applications.


Initial state


Some of our results

3 Developers

Team Size

1.5 months

Time to Prototype

5 Apps Ext

Supported Cli Dev

10 Private

Beta testers

Security Enh

Fully OIDC

The Challenge

We Started Working on the Frontend

helping to implement new features, and creating frontend libraries that were helpful in rapid development (We use SDK, client API, & a general UI kit).


Our Solution

We also improved development practices

A platform that Evaluates real-time Communications with AI.



Melt Studio aligned with LitLingo's product team to refine requirements ensuring every new feature fits seamlessly into the existing development.



Enhanced development process by introducing standardized libs speeding up the development of robust client applications across various platforms.



After rigorous manual testing and optimization of delivery practices, Melt Studio helped launch multiple applications for LitLingo, including browser extensions and integrations with major software.

After getting customer feedback

There have been multiple improvements

This led to a series of improvements to increase usability, performance, and UI/UX, ensuring user expectations. These changes included simplifying navigation, enhancing accessibility features, and improving response times, making the applications more intuitive and efficient.

Additionally, our team focused on backend optimizations: scaling the infrastructure to handle loads and incorporating more robust security. New updates were deployed to enhance the API /DB efficiency, high-level customer satisfaction, and scale demands.

Current state

“The Melt team is an extension of the internal Amatis team because of their personal investment with our product”


Rana Mohamed


Grow as quickly and vigorously as possible.

Melt’s best interest is to grow your business as quickly and as vigorously as possible. It’s a win-win situation!

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