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Case Study: 60 Hertz

Robust Solution that Automates, Tracks and Maintains Remote Assets

Since 2021, we have been building the CMMS: Computerized Maintenance Management Software Company to Automate tracking and maintenance of company assets and infrastructure through one CMMS tool that works on any device and even offline—impacting customers with operations from Alaska to Africa.


Initial state


Some of our results

4 Developers

Team Size

5.5 months

Time to Scaling


And Web App Integration

10 Private

Beta testers

$283 million

Energy's CMMS Management worth

The Challenge

The Primary Challenge: Design a Robust System enough to handle diverse operational environments

the vast array of equipment types and the remote locations of many facilities presented unique hurdles. Our solution needed to accommodate these variables and enhance the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance operations, ensuring downtime was minimized and asset longevity maximized.


Our Solution

MeltStudio developed a scalable CMMS platform focusing on functionality.

Robust Solution that Automates, Tracks and Maintains Remote Assets



The project required a flexible, intuitive interface capable of managing vast data inputs and facilitating real-time operational decisions.



Our development process involved iterative testing and user-centric design to ensure the application was both powerful and accessible.



The first prototype was launched quickly to test core functionalities and gather initial user feedback, setting the stage for further refinements.

After getting customer feedback

There have been multiple improvements

Following the initial release, customer feedback was integral to our iterative development process. We enhanced the CMMS with additional features like real-time analytics and mobile accessibility, which were crucial for 60 Hertz Energy’s field technicians.

Continuous updates and improvements have ensured that the CMMS not only meets but exceeds operational expectations, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. These upgrades have been instrumental in supporting the expansion and scaling of 60 Hertz Energy's services across new markets.

Current state

“The Melt team is an extension of the internal Amatis team because of their personal investment with our product”


Rana Mohamed


Grow as quickly and vigorously as possible.

Melt’s best interest is to grow your business as quickly and as vigorously as possible. It’s a win-win situation!

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