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Case Study: Truvle

Process Mapping Tool lets you Map your Business in real-time

In just four months, MeltStudio and Truvle quickly developed a modern, scalable Minimum Viable Product that not only achieved product-market fit but also showed our commitment to delivering software solutions on tight deadlines.


Initial state


Some of our results

2 Developers

Team Size

4.2 months

Time MVP to PMF

+ Efficient

Communication Management

10 Private

Beta testers

1 Team

Guaranteed Quality

The Challenge

Facing a Strict Timeline and Complex Business Logic

Pushing our team to innovate under pressure due to Truvle required significant adjustments to the MVP before planning.


Our Solution

Leveraged our top LatAm React Devs to develop a scalable / modern MVP.

Process Mapping Tool lets you Map your Business in real-time



Truvle needed a rapid, scalable MVP that could handle specific business logic and tight deadlines.



Leveraging the top LatAm React developers, MeltStudio crafted a modern, adaptable solution to meet Truvle’s unique needs.



The first MVP launched on schedule in August, immediately enhancing Truvle’s operational capabilities.

After getting customer feedback

There have been multiple improvements

When Truvle secured a major supermarket contract, MeltStudio swiftly incorporated the new, complex requirements into the ongoing MVP.

Continued Development and Adjustments were made after receiving initial user feedback, our teams implemented several enhancements to boost functionality and user satisfaction.

Current state

“The Melt team is an extension of the internal Amatis team because of their personal investment with our product”


Rana Mohamed


Grow as quickly and vigorously as possible.

Melt’s best interest is to grow your business as quickly and as vigorously as possible. It’s a win-win situation!

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