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How to Calculate how Long it Takes to Develop an APP or a Startup Software Project?

At, we understand the pivotal role that software plays in scaling start-up operations, especially for SaaS companies gearing up after a fresh round of seed funding. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored software solutions that align perfectly with your startup's growth trajectory, from initial prototypes to fully functional MVPs. Here’s how we approach this critical phase.

5 Minutes Read  |  April, 2024  | Our FAQs

The initial phase of any software development is crucial, it sets the tone for the future scalability and efficiency of your app. Start by assessing the current state of your product roadmap, this helps to determine the maturity jumps needed to reach each subsequent phase of your roadmap: a prototype, MVP, PMF...
⭐ The timeline for your project will depend significantly on the starting point and the number of developmental stages required:

How to Estimate the Maturity Jumps of a Software Project?

The estimation process for the duration of your project involves maturity jumps, each jump, or milestone, corresponds to a set of deliverables (or tickets) and the duration of each phase is not just about the number of tasks but also their complexity.

Formula to Calculate How to Estimate the Maturity Jumps of a Software Project?

Multiply the estimated time for each maturity jump by the number of tickets within that jump and sum these results to get the total time needed to complete a software project. This method structures a way to account for the number of tasks and their complexity based on each project stage.

For example, if your project has three maturity jumps—let's say, setting up the backend, developing the frontend, and implementing security features—and each phase has 5, 10, and 3 tickets respectively (estimated times 2, 1, and 3 weeks per ticket) the total time is:

(5 tickets x 2 weeks) + (10 tickets x 1 week) + (3 tickets x 3 weeks)

= 29 Weeks Project Time Estimate

💡 Remember, this formula is not exact. To make it more accurate, add the Features and Maturity Jumps amount, the Sprint X-ray (How will you distribute the load according to your dev's role & seniority?), and the confirmed current Glassdoor Tech Stack Dev's Salary ranges in your region...

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