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We are hiring a Senior devoleper

What we do?

We are a software development studio that helps startups around the world design, develop, maintain, and monitor high-quality software solutions for both B2B and B2C markets. 

We've assembled an outstanding team of software developers to tackle challenging problems and provide excellent support to our partners at businesses and customers. 


Our headquarters are based in Medellin, Colombia, and a satellite office in Delaware, US.

How we work?


100% remote team, we are a geographically distributed company and collaborate with each other online. All team members speak Spanish, but strong communication skills are needed.

We work on agile bases, so we do a daily meeting in the morning, then we handle all communication through Slack, Pivotal Tracker, or Github.  

Our systems are horizontally scalable and redundant. We care about discovering issues before our users are affected, so we do test-driven development(TDD), with continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD). 

The process is simple after a team member finishes feature creates a Pull Request; this will trigger the CI to run all integration tests. If passed, then another team member will review the code. If approved, then merge PR, and the CI will deploy it to the right environment.

We have low administrative overhead.

The team?

The core team holds over ten years of experience working with startups around the world from product development, project management, to go-to-market strategies.

Our strength is to be able to deliver a high quality and scalable product with a tight budget.

What you 'll do?

As team member you will work to enhance and sustain technology-based startups. You will develop new features and applications as well as support existing applications written by the team.


As a full-stack software, you will be involved with everything from frontend code to our high-performance computing infrastructure. This will include frontend development of web and mobile applications, user interfaces, data visualizations, and documented web APIs as well as backend development of web services, software tools, and efficient data storage/access techniques.

What you’ll work with?

Our stack is constantly evolving, with decisions on technologies made by our Architects.


You'll work with a wide range of technologies, and you are not expected to have experience with all of these technologies from the start. A demonstrated ability to learn new technologies and select appropriate technologies for each solution is more important.


  • React

  • React-native (iOS, Android)

  • Redux


  • AWS lambda(JS, python)

  • NodeJS(express)

  • Python(Django, twisted, tornado, flask)

  • Aurora, Dynamo, Postgresql, Mysql, Redis, CouchDB, CouchBase, ES, and a few others.

  • Terraform


  • AWS 100% Terraform and Cloudformation Deployment.

  • Use lambda functions, and we try to keep the architecture serverless with the lowest cost possible.

What we look for?

We are looking for someone that enjoys managing its own time, but also is highly responsible with deliverables, self-motivation, independence, flexibility, and a problem-solving attitude.  

English: medium 
Skill: based on the technical test

The technical test?

The goal is to create a simple webchat; you will have to code the backend and frontend of it. We will let you know more details about the technical test after you complete your application. 


What you will get?

  • 100% remote work 

  • Full-time employee contract with benefits

  • Salary: up to 7.0 million COP based on technical test results


  • At least 2 years experience as a developer and/or experience launching a product that has been in the market for 1 year

  • Level of English: Intermediate — advanced

  • Experience working with Python and Javascript 

  • Ideal experience with: Redux, React, React Native, ExpressJS, Django, AWS, Terraform.


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