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Choosing Ruby Over JavaScript: What are the Implications for Early-Stage SaaS Startups?

Opting for Ruby over JavaScript as a Technology Stack in early-stage SaaS startups can impact scalability and speed⚡ Understand how Ruby's features might affect your startup's growth and runway here!

5 Minutes Read  |  April, 2024  | Our FAQs

Is Ruby a Good Choice for Web Development Projects?

In the early stages of SaaS Startup, the right Tech Stack ensures product quality and budget. While JavaScript is often hailed for its versatility in handling Full-Stack development ✨. 

♦️Ruby the programming language popularized by Rails, is a strong choice for quick prototyping and rapid application development, its clean syntax and supportive community make it appealing. However, choosing Ruby over JavaScript might increase financial and operational burdens for a SaaS Startup with a limited budget and under tight timelines. Here's why:

Tech Stack Development Costs: 

Ruby devs tend to have specialized roles, typically focused on the backend. This implicates hiring additional talent for frontend tasks, doubling the team size required for full-stack development compared to using JavaScript, where developers can efficiently manage both and the average salaries. According to Glassdoor this split specialization could lead to higher payroll expenses.

Utilization of Talent Resources: 

With separate teams, frontend and backend development, there will inevitably be periods when one team has less workload than the other, and coordinating two distinct teams can increase the complexity of Project Management, communication, and deadlines, and delay the iteration of user feedback. Remember, it's important to maximize your investment when every dollar counts.

Using Ruby for Backend, Angular for Frontend & Ionic for Mobile Development: Pros and Cons


  • Ruby is popular making it easy to find documentation and troubleshoot issues.

  • Angular is a well-established frontend framework that is widely used and well-documented.

  • Ionic is also a popular framework for cross-platform mobile development.


  • The development team must be skilled in different programming languages, which can compromise team communication and collaboration.

  • Ionic may not be the optimal choice for certain types of apps that require high performance and native functionality, it can struggle with rendering performance and fluid animations compared to native development frameworks.

  • Also, if your company must create a high-quality product keeping costs low or low budget, the solution is to find a team with the same skills and experience.

💡 If you want to raise your software project with a leaner team, faster iterations, and budget allocation towards growth-driving activities while positioning the financial runway, we're on the same page - let's talk! We are founders leading a SaaS Startup, experts in building scalable and sustainable business models.

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