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Winning by Design

Sales Organization Method


We use a Sales Organization methodology to align business needs and allows us to create realistic business models.


The system consists of 6 Customer phases representing the Customer journey:

  1. Awareness

  2. Education

  3. Selection

  4. Onboarding

  5. Using / Impacting

  6. Growing


The transition between phases is what we call Conversion Rate (CR):


  2. #MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)

  3. #SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)

  4. #SAL (Sales Accepted lead

  5. #COMMIT

  6. #LIVE

  7. #MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

  8. #LTV (Lifetime value)


The average time that takes to move one customer from one CR to the next is represented by T1 to T7

In this Sales Organization Method, the left side (#PROSPECT) represents the people that do not know the product/brand yet, and at the right side (#LTV) you will find the engaged and happy paying customers.


The Goal of the funnel is to increase sales by moving people from #PROSPECT to #LTV.


Each Phase will need a set of Process, Tools, and Content to help customers move to the next phase in their journey.

Why is this Method important?


If you start mapping all the efforts using this method, this creates a simple mathematical formula to understand how your business GROW.


If you understand the Conversion Rates(CR), you will find that increasing only 10% on each phase you will double the sales (x2).

What can WE do for you?

We are happy to deploy your own version of a 100% operational delivery platform for Restaurants and Supermarkets.


After the platform is deployed, the you must focus on creating a marketing strategies to bring people into the AWARENESS phase and in parallel create content to EDUCATE the audience so they eventually become SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)


The current platform will cover almost all the processes and tools needed for phases of SELECTION, ONBOARDING, USING/IMPACTING, GROWING. And its evolving constantly.

If you want to learn more, just book free call with one our team members :

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