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How to Calculate the Number of Developers for Your Startup

As a startup CEO, CTO, or Founder, you know that building a successful product requires a great team of developers. But how many do you need? And how do you calculate the cost?

3 Asks to determinate how much money do you have to spend on development?


1st: What Tech Stack will you use to build?

The Tech Stack you choose will greatly impact the number of developers you need. For example, if you're using JavaScript you'll likely need less dev than using a complex tech stack.

2nd: Project stage affects the number of devs you need

If you're just starting, you may only need a few devs to build a prototype or MVP. However, if you're further along in the process, you'll likely need a larger team to build a fully-fledged product.

3rd: What is the time it will take to complete?

Finally, know the time required to complete the project, it will vary the complexity and will help you to determine how many developers you need to hire and team's size.

Calculating the Number of Developers: Formula

Total Budget

Average Salary

Time to Completion

Hours per Week

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