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LitLingo and Melt Studio have worked together on multiple areas of the LitLingo platform from quick prototyping of new technologies to the timely and high-quality delivery of production applications.

Upon partnering, Melt Studio started working on the LitLingo’s frontend application, implementing new features based on designs and specs provided by LitLingo’s product and design team. In implementing the app, Melt helped improve delivery practices such as increased unit testing, code coverage, automated pipelines, and optimized infrastructure architecture to deliver the service. Quality metrics have been introduced and all of them have increased over time.

Frontend libraries were created to aid in the quick development of multiple applications, such as a standard SDK and API client and a general UI kit. These packages have helped in the development of additional applications at a faster pace.

Melt Studio has buttressed LitLingo’s product and engineering teams in the development of multiple client applications such as extensions for Chrome, add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, integrations for Zendesk and Microsoft teams, with particular focus on ease of use and performance, optimizing everything from code bundling, caching CDNs, etc, to ensure the fastest possible delivery and execution. A program of constant manual testing has minimized the amount of issues that make it to a production environment.

In the backend, Melt has worked on multiple areas including APIs, database, management jobs, etc, as well as converting components built as prototypes into production ready solutions. One example of this has been replacing the initial authentication mechanism with a fully OIDC compliant identity provider supporting enterprise single sign-on and identity federation.


The investment is led by Breyer Capital, joined by former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, with participation from existing investors, including LiveOak Venture Partners, Clarke Nobiletti, and James Marsico.


Led by LiveOak Venture Partners here in Austin, Texas.

the LiveOak team as we continue to work towards our goal of improving the way people communicate across all businesses.

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