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Case Studies:

Since July 2020, has partnered with MeltStudio as a dedicated development team leading Happyly's web and mobile platforms to a more mature state, solving the hard-to-find highly skilled engineering talent and taking to the next step: The product Market-Fit.

Initial State


Ios and Android apps

In-app subscription model: Apple Pay / Android

Recommendation System based on geolocation

B2B subscriptions:



B2B subscriptions:

Geolocation Systems is using Machine Learning

MeltStudio started working on Happyly's mobile solution right upon partnering with the dedicated team, and the project was accepted at this preliminary stage.

The idea is to create a mobile subscription service that allows a stable monetization of the business idea supporting the building of the backend in Django, the Web App in VueJS, and the Android/iOS Mobile apps in React Native into an MVP with scaling issues that feeds the personalized activity guide system based on the geolocation and preferences of its users.

Also, was created the new subscription service drives the platform by collaborating with the infrastructure and deployment team offered externally by the client. In addition, new functionality and over 90% of the product features have been added.



Our Solution

The first step was to deploy a dedicated full-stack team to take over the Django, VueJS, and React Native solutions to allow transitioning the use of the product from the web app to the mobile app.

After starting, it was necessary to adjust the architecture to a scalable solution, resolving the technical debt to address the web app for the proper integration of both platforms: web and mobile.

We worked on the frontend with NuxtJS/VueJS and at backend implemented features to the search engine with NodeJS/Express improving the functionalities of the elastic search information storage system by mapping the Postgress database model.

The mobile app was built with React Native/Expo, the backend with Django Rest Framework, and to manage podcasts and blogs we have a plugin called wagtail that provides a CMS. For tests, we deploy internal (closed test) in Android and test-flight on iOS.

A subscription business model B2B and B2C was integrated with ApplePay and GooglePay which offers individual and corporate subscriptions allowing Happyly to convert a not monetizing product idea into a business model with stable revenue.

With the app's implementation, Melt led the automation of development flows by implementing all the project development management processes needed to run agile.

Happyly Business Wins

Made a non-working idea into a product that large enterprise customers love and helped secure over $1M in funding the bring the idea to fruition.

Happyly Product Wins

  • Onboarding experience, 95% of customers in the pilot successfully signed up and downloaded the app (compared to <35%)!

  • Happyly Explore screen reduces the time to discover activities.

Current Status

The tasks that Melt Studio had to solve throughout the process 
in order to deliver the required results involved:

Competent engineering

Solid workflow

Design resources

Development speed

happyly case studie with Melt Studio

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