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We are a Nearshore Dev Studio for your web/mobile project

Tech hires can be expensive, slow, and hard to find when needed. We design, develop, maintain and monitor high-quality software solutions.

Tell us about your project

Through a short initial consultation we can help you create detailed requirements for your app. Our development services can help you achieve your objectives by:

Saving costs

Avoiding common pitfalls

Utilizing the best methodology

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We have the trust from startups all around USA

Our Services

What can we do for you

We can help grow business as your development team for new projects or as staff augmentation to boots your current team.

Web Development

We support your business growth reaching milestones like creating a prototype, developing an MVP (minimum viable product), or refactoring to scale the current app.

Mobile Development

We help you grow your business to the next milestone, no matter what it is: a prototype, MVP (minimum viable product), or refactoring to scale the current app.

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Staff Augmentation

We provide a safe and reliable way to overcome talent deficits by expanding your output capacity at the project's inception or any point in its lifecycle.

Our Servies

Why to work with us

Melt Studio helps technology based startups build an effective remote tech-team to develop every kind of project. All our Packages includes:

Image of a girl that remotely works for a nearshore development javascript team


Perhaps you are deciding between native & hybrid app. Perhaps you have no idea what tech stack to use. Our CTOs for hire can advise you on all your needs.



When you're ready to introduce your product to the world, we will strategize a launch plan with you to maximize user growth and boost investment interest.



Whether you are building a native app or a marketplace dashboard, you can count on us to build your vision. Concept, design, build, iterate and again.

New Milestones


We join the team to reach the next business milestone, whatever is a Seed round, Series A rounds or deliver any customer requirement. 

Our Perks
Say hello to Melt!

Your new tech partners. Pleased to meet you!

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