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Map of services of dedicated teams

Remote Latam
Development Team for your web/mobile project

Tech hires can be expensive, slow, and hard to find the right talent when needed.

Tell us about your project

Through a short initial consultation, we can help you create detailed requirements for your app.

Our development services can help you save costs, avoid common pitfalls, and utilize the best methodology to achieve your objectives.

Our Services

Web / mobile
App Development

We help you grow your business to the next milestone, no matter what it is: a prototype, MVP (minimum viable product), or refactoring to scale the current app.



We provide a safe and reliable way to get over talent deficit by expanding your output capacity, be it at the project’s inception, or at any point during its lifecycle.


Some of our perks

CTO Consulting

Perhaps you are deciding between native & hybrid app. Perhaps you have no idea what tech stack to use. Our CTOs for hire can advise you on all your needs.

Product Development

Whether you are building a native app or a marketplace dashboard, you can count on us to build your vision. Concept, design, build, iterate and again.

Go to market

When you're ready to introduce your product to the world, we will strategize a launch plan with you to maximize user growth and boost investment interest.

Desktop projects made by dedicated teams

Our Tech Stack

Building the right team at the right time is key to success. We have more than ten years of experience working with python, and more than six years of experience with React, React Native, and Redux.

We also have strong knowledge of nodeJS, and any relational or non-relation DBs (from Mysql to Cassandra). We also have
significant experience building production-ready architectures on AWS using Terraform and Cloudformation.




What can you expect from us?

We operate on an agile basis as your team, and we will help you reach any business/ technical goal. Our team is able to build in about 2 months a prototype, and MVPs in a period of 3 to 5 months.

Tech stack

Say hello to MELT, your new tech partners.

Pleased to meet you!

1. Concept & Strategy

We meet your team & get a detailed introduction to your product, current status, and visions. This first step is very important to understand your milestones and to create an action plan of how to get there. It might be getting an MVP to market to test, or getting your next series of investment.

2. Technical Decisions

After conceptualizing the milestones plan, we need to discuss how we can get there. The technical decisions play a big part in this. We all want to use the best tech but other factors may come into play such as budget or urgency to launch. You may decide to go with a hybrid app rather than a native one due to such restraints.

3. Development

During the development phase we like to keep our partners as involved as possible as product owners. We will build the sprint priorities together and take sound decisions on implementation of features. At the end of the sprint we will do a review to show the current progress and discuss any issues encountered.

4. Market Launch

Preparing for a launch should start already during the development phase. We will build a strategy involving product positioning, pricing approach, app store optimization, online marketing, and off-site events. Then we will support you throughout the entire implementation.

5. Investment Rounds

As your partners we will also consult you on how to get investment in your current market and attend meetings if desired to woo the investors with our kick-ass new app.

Repeat the process until a Unicorn is born!

Know our Roadmap

Meet our Team!

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